Proposals will be reviewed by the Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board.  Funding will be made available to applicants whose proposals represent the best overall value to the local Workforce Investment Area considering all specified criteria and the programs goals.  The Board may award a contract for any or all parts of a proposal and may negotiate contract terms and conditions to meet agency program requirements consistent with the RFP.


Applicants will be weighted on a score of 100 points.  75 points for the Narrative Requirements and 25 points for the Budget.  The first level of review will determine whether an applicant meets the eligibility/ compliance requirements and will evaluate the quality of the responses on weak, moderate or strong scale with respect to the following criteria: the ability to engage the target population, demonstrated capacity to develop and deliver the services, and the proposed program outcomes.  The second level of review will examine the overall strength of the application and how well the budget supports the proposed services.


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