Assessment of Local Skill Shortages Phase II Workgroup


Town of Hempstead

Workforce Investment Board

Assessment of Local Skill Shortages Phase II Workgroup


Meeting Notes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

March 20, 2003


Members Present


Richard E. Dibble, Ph.D., Youth Council Chairperson, New York Institute of Technology

Gary Huth, New York State Department of Labor

Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan, National Council On The Aging, Inc.

Pat Malone, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Todd Morena, Drake Beam Morin

Alan H. Nachman, WIB Vice Chairperson, Diversified Micro Systems, Inc.

Louise Rotchford, Nassau Community College

Hermine Weisman, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL)


Others Present


Eugenia Ghartey, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey

Todd Goldfarb, Second Deputy Commissioner, Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR)

Edward Kenny, DOOR

Joann Lukas Von Stein, DOOR

Abraham Sabbas, DOOR

Annie William, NYSDOL


The meeting was convened at 12:20 P.M. by Alan Nachman, WIB Vice Chairperson.  The attendees were welcomed and asked to introduce themselves.  The minutes of the meeting of June 5, 2002  were reviewed and accepted.  Mr. Nachman offered best wishes to Annie Williams for her retirement.


I.          Grant Requirements


The Workgroup reviewed the grant award letter and the required performance milestones.  Edward Kenny summarized a presentation made to the New York State local WIB Chairs by former Congressman Steve Gunderson, entitled “Understanding the Silent Crisis: The Shortage of Workforce Skills in America.”


II.            Revised Proposal


A summary of the South Nassau Communities Hospital Project was reviewed by the attendees.  Mr. Huth asked how the WIB would ensure that the project funds did not duplicate other resources.  Mr. Kenny directed the group to the “Leveraging of Grant Resources Plan,” which is included in the application and describes how various resources, including the ALSS Phase II Grant, are being allocated.

He also explained the changes to the grant contained in Addendum I of the application.  The changes include the addition of the following:


1.                  Timeline;

2.                  More detailed description of how the project relates to the WIB’s response to the “Nine Policy Questions;”

3.                  Linkage between training and resulting credentials;

4.                  Budget, training and training vendor information.


Mr. Kenny also indicated that while the grant funds were authorized for expenditure through June 30, 2003, a final expenditure that relates to achievement of the final milestone of the grant will be permitted up until December 31, 2004.  This extension will permit the WIB to hold a portion of the payment back until the trainees obtain their licenses.


III.            Continued Assessment of Local Skills Shortages


The Workgroup acknowledged that the grant requires that the WIB maintain a process to continually assess local skills shortages.  It was agreed that this process would include research to augment the survey data.  Mr. Kenny indicated that while any facet of the grant, including the process developed to continually assess skills shortages, could be shared with other local workforce investment areas (LWIAs), local skills shortages information and related statistics for the Hempstead/Long Beach area is required under this project. Ms. Malone indicated that she would investigate to determine if interns from Stony Brook University could conduct the required research.  She will also seek to determine if the services of the interns could be funded by the Higher Education Advanced Technology (HEAT) Center for Workforce Development.  Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan offered the services of Older Americans Act Title V enrollees to provide clerical support to the project.  Mr. Nachman appointed a subcommittee of the Workgroup, consisting of Dr. Dibble, Gary Huth and Pat Malone, to pursue this aspect of the grant.


IV.            Business Services Initiatives


The Workgroup reviewed the status of the applications that have been reviewed by the local WIB staff for the Building Skills in New York State (BUSINYS) Request for Applications (RFA).  Applications have been reviewed for the following firms:


Ø     Fortunoff, Inc.

Ø     Catholic Charities

Ø     Pathmark Stores, Inc.

Ø     Koch Entertainment Distribution

Ø     PSN Solutions, Inc.

Ø     Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.


Mr. Kenny acknowledged the work done by Louise Rotchford of Nassau Community College to assist businesses in developing training proposals in response to the RFA.

He also described the customized training projects that the WIB was supporting and/or funding in the current program year.


V.        New Business


Ms. Malone provided a brief overview of the HEAT Center.  She indicated that the Center would be working to address skills shortages related to occupations in fiber optics in the aviation industry, along with software engineers and electrical engineers.  The Workgroup agreed to focus its efforts to assess and address shortages in key industrial sectors, such as: health care, bio-tech and life sciences, electronic manufacturing, information technology and the merging sectors of information technology and health care.  Todd Morena indicated that the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council is seeking to develop an educational component to enhance retention of health care workers.  He suggested that our Workgroup might wish to coordinate its efforts with those of the Council.  Mr. Huth described the web-based survey available through the Workforce New York web site, which is located at  He stated that the survey has the capability to draw from the employer database contained in the One Stop Operating System (OSOS), along with additional data requested, to conduct customized surveys.


VI.            Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 P.M.