WIB Meeting Minutes


Town of Hempstead

Workforce Investment Board (WIB)


Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

March 27, 2003


The meeting was convened at 12:20 P.M. by Ann Steinger, Chairperson.  She welcomed the attendees asked them to introduce themselves.  Ms. Steinger extended a special welcome to the new members of the WIB.  The minutes of the December 5, 2002 meeting were reviewed.  A motion to accept them as written was made by Lois Benjamin, seconded by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan, and approved unanimously.


I.          Items for Information


1.         State Workforce Investment Board Initiatives


Alan Nachman, WIB Vice Chair and President of Diversified Microsystems, Inc.,

provided an update of the latest New York State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB)

initiatives.  He directed the attendees to review excerpts from the Annual Report to the

Governor for Program Year 2001 (July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003).  He indicated

that pages 1 through 7 describe statewide activities, and pages 34 through 36

describe the activities of HempsteadWorks.  Mr. Nachman also directed the attendees to

review the following material from the most recent SWIB Meeting, conducted on March

20, 2003:


Ø      Agenda

Ø      Administration’s White Paper for the Reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

Ø     New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP) Matrix (NYATEP’s positions on the White Paper).


Edward Kenny of HempsteadWorks indicated that House Resolution 1261, the Workforce Reinvestment and Adult Education Act of 2003,” has been proposed in Congress to amend the Administration’s proposal to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.


Mr. Nachman indicated that Marsha Lynch of CVS had represented the WIB on a New York delegation at the recent National Association of Workforce Boards Conference in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Lynch indicated that the conference was very informative and that the New York Delegation did a good job of describing the needs of local boards and One-Stop operators in New York State to Congressional representatives and their staffs.  Mr. Nachman thanked Ms. Lynch for participating on the delegation.




2.            Business Services


Rosanne Maria of the New York State Department of Labor stated that each of the three local WIBs on Long Island are required to establish a Business Services Team.  She indicated that the Labor Department was facilitating the formation of a single Team to encompass the entire Long Island Region.  The purpose of the Team is:


Ø      To refocus on delivering service to business, our primary customer;

Ø      To review what business needs and wants, determine what services

are currently being delivered and their quality, and determine

how we can use our resources to bridge the gaps, recognizing that

no one agency can do it all;

Ø      To achieve consensus as to how we are going to deliver the services;

Ø      To establish a point of contact to advise where they can access services.


Ms. Maraia indicated that the Team will function through a subcommittee structure that will be coordinated by a steering committee.  She acknowledged several attendees present who are participating on the subcommittees.


Mr. Kenny described the Building Skills in New York State (BUSINYS) Request For Applications (RFA).  He reviewed the status of the applications that have been reviewed by the local WIB staff for the RFA.  Applications have been reviewed for the following firms:


Ø     Fortunoff, Inc.

Ø     Catholic Charities

Ø     Pathmark Stores, Inc.

Ø     Koch Entertainment Distribution

Ø     PSN Solutions, Inc.

Ø     Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.


Mr. Kenny acknowledged the work done by Louise Rotchford of Nassau Community College to assist businesses in developing training proposals in response to the RFA.  He also described the customized training projects that the WIB was supporting and/or funding in the current program year.


3.    Customized Employment Grant


Judy Young, Director of Grants Administration and Corporate Training at Abilities. Inc., described the Customized Employment Grant that was awarded to the WIB by the United States Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).  The grant, entitled Whatever It Takes, provides funding to integrate enhanced services to individuals with disabilities into the HempsteadWorks Career Center.  Under a contract for One-Stop Vendor Services, Abilities will be the service provider for the WIT Program.  Ms. Young described the activities of the WIT Strategic Planning Team.

The Chairperson of the Team is Lois Benjamin.  Ms. Young stated that the grant activities include job carving activities, person-centered planning, personal agents, customer-family cooperatives and other services.  In order to publicize the program, the WIT Planning Team will conduct an open house within the career center on April 10, 2003.  Ms. Benjamin mentioned that our area was one of only eight in the Nation selected to administer this grant.


4.            Customized Employment Grant/Immigration and Naturalization Regulatory



Maria P. Conzatti, Director of International Studies and Assistant Dean of Instruction at Nassau Community College, described recent immigration and naturalization regulatory changes.  Many of these changes have resulted from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  She indicated that what was formerly the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service is now part of the Department of Homeland Security.  She invited anyone who has questions regarding immigration and naturalization issues to contact her by telephone at (516) 572 –7213 or by e-mail at conzatm@ncc.edu.


II.        Items for Action


1.         WIB Continuous Improvement Award


Ms. Benjamin informed the attendees that the WIB Continuous Improvement Award Workgroup had completed its assignment to create a process for issuing the HempsteadWorks Biennial Continuous Improvement Award.  The process was developed in a manner consistent with the HempsteadWorks Quality Assurance Program and the Malcolm Baldrige Principles.  Ms. Benjamin described the process and submitted it to the WIB for approval.  A motion was made by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan to approve the process.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Maraia and approved unanimously.  Ms. Steinger thanked the Workgroup members for their work in developing the process.  The WIB agreed that the award guidelines and criteria will be submitted to our web and collateral material designer to be re-formatted in accordance with the HempsteadWorks brand and image.  Once the format is completed, it will be published on the web and made available in hard copy.  Awardees will be selected by the Workgroup.  The WIB is scheduled to make the awards in October of 2003.


2.         New Business


Commissioner Boone presented the Department of Occupational Resources Certificate of Recognition to Annie Williams, who is retiring as the State Representative for the New York State Department of Labor assigned to the Long Island Region.  The Commissioner expressed congratulations to Ms. Williams and indicated that the occasion was bittersweet because while we are happy for her success we are not happy to see her go.  He read the inscription on the certificate, which states:


“In recognition of her many years of dedicated service, outstanding guidance and exemplary support as the New York State Department of Labor Representative for the Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources, I hereby award this Certificate of Recognition to Annie Williams.”


3.            Adjournment


A motion was offered by Mr. Nachman to adjourn the meeting at 1:20 P.M., seconded by Mr. Goldstein and approved unanimously.