Meeting Minutes May 2003


Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board

Whatever It Takes (WIT) Strategic Planning Team

Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

May 29, 2003


Lois Benjamin, Chairperson, VESID

Ana-Maria Hurtado, HempsteadWorks

Todd Goldfarb, HempsteadWorks

Edward Kenny, HempsteadWorks

Marsha Lynch, CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

Joann Lukas Von Stein, HempsteadWorks

Jeff Martin, New York State Department of Labor

Robert Pipia, Town of Hempstead

Abraham Sabbas, HempsteadWorks

Rick Savior, Sulzer, Inc.

Judy Young, Abilities, Inc.

Lois Benjamin, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 12:30 P.M.  The attendees introduced themselves.

I.        Review of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Ana-Maria Hurtado.  It was seconded by Judy Young and carried unanimously.

II.        Project Overview

Judy Young provided an overview of the Whatever It Takes (WIT) project.  She described the activities undertaken since the last meeting, including the Open House at the HempsteadWorks Career Center on April 10, 2003.  The Open House was very well attended.  Other outreach and recruitment efforts are also yielding good results as is indicated by recent statistical reports.  Ms. Young asked Edward Kenny to share data regarding enrollments of individuals with disabilities.  Citing the HempsteadWorks Quality Assurance Program as his source, Mr. Kenny provided data that compared the twelve month period prior to the award of the grant, to the nine month period subsequent to the award.  He stated that the number of individuals with disabilities served increased from 473 in the period prior to the grant to 872 after it was implemented.  In addition, the number of individuals with disabilities who entered employment increased from 62 to 175.  Ms. Young distributed and described the January through March, 2003 Edition of the ÒPeople with Disabilities at Work Newsletter.Ó  She also provided a summary report of the employment services, placements and marketing activities conducted under the project to date.  Additional training is being planned for One-Stop staff to further build the capacity of the HempsteadWorks System to serve individuals with disabilities.

III.       Workforce Long Island Overview

Ms. Benjamin asked Mr. Kenny to introduce Rosanne Maraia in order to establish the context for her presentation.  He indicated that at the last meeting of the Strategic Planning Team it was agreed that the Team would establish a subcommittee to build employer relationships.  Because this subcommittee could potentially duplicate the mission of the Workforce Long Island initiative, by acquainting the Team with Workforce Long Island, it is hoped that the Whatever It Takes Project could develop relationships with businesses in the context of the regional business services provided by the three Long Island Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs).  Mr. Kenny indicated that the business members of the Strategic Planning Team could act as ambassadors to other businesses under Workforce Long Island and that their efforts would benefit individuals with disabilities under the WIT Project.  He also distributed the Workforce Long Island vision and mission statements.

Ms. Maraia indicated that because Long Island is a single Labor Market Area, Workforce Long Island has been developed to serve as the business services subcommittee of each of the Long Island WIBs.  She described the structure of the Workforce New York membership, which includes the following subcommittees:  Steering, Capacity Building, Networking and Economic Development/Labor Market.  The Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the group and establishes and maintains its policies.  The Capacity Building Committee provides training to business services staff.  A major capacity building session is being planned for June 24, 2003.  The Networking Committee ensures that all staff are properly cross-informed regarding local workforce investment programs, products and services.  The Networking group also works to establish maximizing technological resources to achieve optimum electronic integration reporting and communication capabilities.

IV.       Building Relationships with Business

Rick Savior indicated that both the private sector and the publicly funded workforce investment system need to learn and to respect one anotherÕs culture.  He stressed the need for proper marketing and branding.  Learning about the businesses that we aim to serve was also recommended by Mr. Savior.  He offered to assist the Team in building relationships with other businesses.  Marsha Lynch also offered to introduce our services to the individuals in her organization who deal with government contracts.  Ms. Benjamin summarized the suggestions of the group to assist businesses, as follows:

  • Prioritize the business customer
  • Offer business services through a One-Stop delivery system;
  • Market WIT business services in the context of Workforce Long Island.

Discussion ensued regarding the utility of the local Business Leadership Network.  It was agreed the Team will develop its relationships with businesses through the Workforce Long Island initiative.

VII.      Old/New Business

No new business was discussed.

VII.      Adjournment

A motion was offered by Ms. Hurtado to adjourn the meeting at 1:52 P.M., seconded by Ms. Young and approved unanimously.

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