WIB Meeting Minutes



JUNE 22, 2000

  1. Introductions

The meeting began at 9:05 A.M. Chairperson Steinger asked all in attendance to introduce themselves.

2. Commissioner's Remarks

On behalf of Commissioner Boone, Deputy Commissioner Ana Maria Hurtado welcomed the members and congratulated them on their appointment to the WIB.

  1. Introduction of Executive Committee

Deputy Commissioner Hurtado explained that Chairperson Steinger and the WIB members were appointed by the Hon. Richard V. Guardino, Jr., Town of Hempstead Supervisor. The Executive Committee was appointed by Chairperson Steinger. The names, offices and affiliations of each appointee were provided as follows:




Ann Steinger


Top Hat, Inc.

Mark Goldstein

Vice Chairperson

M.G. Productions

Henry Graber, C.P.A.

Financial Secretary

Graber & Company

Rosanne Maraia

Recording Secretary

New York State Department of Labor

4. Comprehensive Local Five-Year Plan

A description of the development process for the above referenced Plan under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) was provided by Edward Kenny. The process has been underway for several years through the activities of the Private Industry Council, the Hempstead Works Steering Committee and the Town of Hempstead's One-Stop Implementation Grant under the Wagner-Peyser Act. Most recently, the development of the Plan has continued through such activities as: negotiation of our memoranda of understanding (MOUs), meetings of the One-Stop Partners and the WIB Executive Committee, along with contributions from the NYSDOL Division of Research and Statistics, the Long Island Association, VESID, etc. Mr. Kenny presented a summary of the Plan, including the following items:






  • Vision and Goals;
  • Mission Statement;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Eligibility Definitions;
  • Planned Enrollments;
  • Core Services;
  • Planned Performance Measures;
  • Comparision of Funding Allocations for Program Year 1999 Versus Program Year 2000; and
  • Cost Allocation.

Dr. Atkins of Nassau Community College requested that the definition of "requires assistance to complete an educational program" be expanded to include an individual who is either a dropout or at risk of dropping out of a post secondary education program. The WIB agreed to use this expanded definition in the Plan. In addition, Dr. Atkins also complimented DOOR for the system-building efforts it has conducted in preparation for implementation of WIA.

5. Youth Council Appointments

Ronnie W. Lawrence, Executive Director of the Town of Hempstead Housing Authority, informed the members that the Youth Council was appointed by the Executive Committee. The names and affiliations of the Council members were announced by Ms. Lawrence. A membership list was also distributed.

6. JTPA Annual Report to the Governor

Chairperson Steinger distributed copies of the JTPA Annual Report to the Governor for Program Year 1999. The Chairperson also congratulated DOOR for winning the National Association of Counties (NACo) 1999 Award of Excellence. The award recognized our "Quality Laboratory" as an exemplary workforce development program.

7. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Diana-Marie King. The motion was seconded by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan and carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.