June 26,2003 Meeting Minutes





June 26, 2003


1.     Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was convened by Ann Steinger, Chairperson, at 12:20 P.M. The members introduced themselves and described their respective organizations.


2.     Review of Minutes


The meeting minutes from March 27, 2003 were distributed and reviewed. On a motion made by Mark Goldstein and seconded by Vilma Osbourne, the minutes were accepted by the Board.


3.     Marketing


Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan described the latest HempsteadWorks marketing material, including the Youth brochure and the Annual Report to the Governor for ProgramYear 2002.


4.     Customized Training Initiatives


Ana-Maria Hurtado described the customized training initiatives being conducted. She indicated that HempsteadWorks will be focusing its resources for customized training on college level programs that are tailored to the needs of business. The current self-sufficient wage for incumbent worker training is $26.00. Ms. Hurtado explained that this wage is below the wage level of many occupations in which businesses are experiencing skills shortages. For example, Lockheed Martin, Inc. was recently prevented from participating in WIB funded training because the occupations that they are targeting pay $38.00 per. To be more responsive to the training needs of business in our local economy, Ms. Hurtado offered a motion to increase the self-sufficient wage to $40.00. The motion was seconded by Mark Goldstein and approved by the Board.


5.     Workforce Long Island Update


Rosanne Maraia discussed the capacity building session conducted on June 24, 2003 at the Huntington Hilton for Workforce Long Island. She also discussed the training session held at the Stony Brook University Great River facility for the Building Skills in New York State (BUSINYS) grant opportunities. Ms. Maraia also explained how the BUSINYS program works.


6.     Monitoring Report


Ms. Hurtado summarized the monitoring activities conducted by the Department of Occupational Resources on behalf of the Board over the course of the Program Year. She invited the members to arrange to participate in future monitoring by contacting Vincent O’Connor at (516) 485-5000, extension 1200.


7.     Higher Education Advanced Technology Center for Workforce Development (HEAT)


Patricia Malone, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Office of the Vice President for Economic Development, Stony Brook University, provided a PowerPoint presentation on the Higher Education Advanced Technology Center for Workforce Development (HEAT) Project. The participating organizations in this project are Nassau Community College, Suffolk Community College and Stony Brook University.


8.     Youth Council Recommendations


Dr. Richard E. Dibble discussed the meeting minutes for the Youth Council Meeting conducted on June 10, 2003. He mentioned that some of the Youth Council members had volunteered to participate in monitoring visits. Lois Benjamin summarized the proposals received for Youth Services and an Academic and Occupational Learning Curriculum pursuant to the recent Request For Proposals (RFPs). The members examined a sample of the Paxen curriculum kit. A motion was offered by Ms. Benjamin, seconded by Henry Graber and accepted by members to approve the proposals for Youth Services. A motion was offered by Mr. Goldstein, seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and accepted by the members to approve the proposal for the curriculum


9.         New Business


Dr. Glenn Spiritis discussed the latest economic development initiatives in the Incorporated Village of Hempstead. The members also discussed plans for DOOR to relocate a portion of its Title I Program to building space available on the fourth floor of the Hempstead Executive Plaza, due to the departure of FEGS. The move would provide space for testing, intensive services workshops, on-site training and intake. It would also accommodate the DOOR Fiscal, Management Information Services (MIS) and Monitoring staff. Renovation costs were estimated at $125,000. The long range plan is to vacate the major portion of Suite 110, currently occupied by DOOR. This would consolidate operations on the fourth floor. The new layout of the operations would eliminate the practice of requiring customers to travel from the fourth floor to the first, consolidate supervision, enhance security and reduce computer networking costs. The members also discussed renovation of the HempsteadWorks reception area to expedite customer flow. The membership strongly supported the facilities plans discussed.


10.            Adjournment


A motion for adjournment was offered by Martin Murphy, seconded by Ms. Benjamin, and adopted by the members. The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 P.M.