June 26,2003 Meeting Minutes





June 26, 2003


Members Present


Lois Benjamin, New York State Education Department Vocational Educational Services

                         for Individuals With Disabilities (VESID)

Ana-Maria Hurtado, Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR)

Rosanne Maraia, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) Division of  

                            Employment Services (DoES)

Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan, National Council On The Aging, Inc. (NCOA)

Martin G. Murphy, New York State Education Department Long Island Staff Development Consortium (WIA Title Network)

Louise Rotchford, Nassau Community College

Sondra Townsend-Browne, Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County (EOC)


Others Present


Todd Goldfarb, Second Deputy Commissioner, DOOR

Jeff Martin, NYSDOL Workforce Development and Training Division

George Mueller, George Mueller and Company

Abraham Sabbas, DOOR


1.      Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was convened at 1:45 P.M. by Ana-Maria Hurtado.  The members of the team introduced themselves and the organizations that they represent.


2.      Review of Minutes


The members reviewed the minutes from the meeting of October 3, 2002.  A motion to approve the minutes was offered by Sondra Townsend-Browne, seconded by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan and approved unanimously by the Team.


3.      State Mandated Swipe Card System


Ana-Maria Hurtado reviewed the correspondence from the New York State Department of Labor Workforce Development and Training Division (NYSDOL/WDTD) through which funds were awarded to implement the swipe card system.  She stressed that the NYSDOL Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) requires that we implement the system by July 1, 2003.  In accordance with the terms of the award, scanner/printer units will be deployed at the following sites:







A.            HempsteadWorks Career Center (Suite 110 and 400)


B.         City of Long Beach Office of Youth and Family Services


C.            Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County (Hempstead)


D.            National Council On The Aging, Inc. (Hempstead)


Several partners expressed concerns over duplicate and triplicate entries.  George Mueller explained how the swipe card technology will operate.  Martin Murphy asked if it were possible to integrate the existing partner systems into the One Stop Operating System (OSOS).  The consensus of the partners was to share the concerns regarding duplication and integration with NYSDOL and the State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB).


4.      One-Stop Partner Designation Criteria


The partners agreed to utilize the existing One-Stop Partner Designation Criteria to designate that affiliate sites for participation in the swipe card system, providing that the designated partner agrees to utilize the swipe system.  The criteria is included in the Comprehensive Five-Year Plan developed by the Workforce Investment Board.


5.      Adjournment


A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Ms. Benjamin, seconded by Mr. Murphy and approved by the Team.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 P.M.