HempsteadWorks for Human Capital Advantage (HWHCA)



The Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) is requesting WIA Statewide funds to implement the HempsteadWorks for Human Capital Advantage (HWHCA) Project.  The purpose of the project is to further increase the impact of the LWIB in identifying and addressing intersecting economic and human capital issues.  Through this project, we plan to:

Ø      Create and maintain on-going mechanisms for scanning the local labor market

Ø      Convene appropriate business, community, economic and human capital stakeholders

Ø      Facilitate strategic planning

Ø      Provide solutions and

Ø      Evaluate outcomes within a continuous improvement model.

The project will result in:

Ø      The development of a high-tech, interactive “Mobile Business Services Presentation”

Ø      Publication of a “State of the Workforce Report;” and

Ø      Facilitation of strategic planning sessions focused on reducing the mismatch that exists between the availability of skilled workers and the human capital needs of businesses.

The cornerstone of the HWHCA project will be our Mobile Business Services Presentation.  It is our intention to invest resources into the presentation to ensure a continual dialogue with the business customer.

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