Youth Council Meeting Minutes June 10, 2003





June 10, 2003


Members Present:


Rosa Amaya, Parent

Edmond Anderson, Career Transition Specialist, Glenmont Job Corps

Rebecca Bell, Associate Executive Director, Education and Assistance Corporation

Lois Benjamin, Regional Manager, Vocational Educational Services for Individuals with  

                                                         Disabilities (VESID)

Richard E. Dibble, Ph.D., Director, Center for Industrial and Labor Relations, School of

                                          Management, New York Institute of Technology

Alan Nachman, President, Diversified Microsystems, Inc.

Vilma Osborne, Licensed Home Administrator, Nassau Extended Care Center


Others Present:


Ana-Maria Hurtado, First Deputy Commissioner, DOOR

Edward Kenny, Planner, DOOR

Terry McKnight, Youth Services Coordinator, DOOR

Jeff Martin, State Representative, New York State Department of Labor

Abraham Sabbas, DOOR


1.      Welcome and Introductions


The meeting began at 2:15 P.M.  The members introduced themselves and described their respective organizations.


2.      Review of Minutes


The meeting minutes from November 19, 2002 were distributed and reviewed.  On a motion made by Ana-Maria Hurtado and seconded by Lois Benjamin, the minutes were accepted by the Council.


3.      Outreach/Marketing Material


Dr. Dibble directed the Council to review the brochures related to the various HempsteadWorks services.  Mr. Kenny described the purpose of each brochure according to the following topics: Career Center, Customized Employment Grant, Welfare-to-Work and Business services.  He provided a draft of a Youth Services brochure that will be available within the next few days.  Dr. Dibble suggested that the members include the brochures in their mailings.






4.      Program Year 2003 Allocations


The members reviewed a spreadsheet containing the local allocation for Youth under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I-B funding stream.  Mr. Kenny explained that the Youth component of the HempsteadWorks system leverages a broad and diverse funding stream, of which WIA Title I-B formula funding is only a single grant.  Nevertheless, the local Title I-B Youth Program is a key component of the system.  Maintenance of current service levels under this component will be challenged in the wake of a 21.2% reduction in the 2003 allocation from the prior year.  Mr. Kenny indicated that despite the reduction in funds, enrollments will be maintained at the level of the prior year.


5.      Monitoring Report


The Council reviewed a report of the monitoring of programs conducted during Program Year 2002.  Mr. Kenny indicated that no major discrepancies were reported.


6.      Monitoring Report


Included in the meeting packet was a letter from Ann Steinger, Chairperson of the Workforce Investment Board (WIB), in which she invited the members of the Youth Council to participate in monitoring HempsteadWorks youth programs.  Dr. Dibble urged the members to volunteer for this monitoring activity.


7.      Recommendations for Youth Services and Curriculum Providers


Terry McKnight described the formulas for calculating contract benchmark payments for Youth Services Providers.  He also summarized the proposals received for these services pursuant to the recent Request For Proposals (RFP).  A motion offered by Ms. Benjamin, seconded by Mr. Nachman, and accepted by members to recommend to the WIB that the proposals be funded.


Mr. Kenny described the proposal submitted by the Paxen Group, Inc. in response to the recent RFP for a Youth Services Curriculum.  He discussed the “Exploring Careers Program,” discounted to $226.00 per set, for the WIA Year-Round Program and the BASE Program, discounted to $196.00 per set for the TANF program.  Mr. McKnight demonstrated the material provided in the sets.  Mr. Kenny reported the positive feedback from the contractors based upon their experience with these products in prior programs.  A motion was offered by Edmond Anderson, seconded by Rosa Amaya and accepted by the Council to recommend to the WIB that the curriculum be purchased.


8.         Out-of-School Youth Enrollment


The Council discussed methods to increase out-of-school youth enrollments under WIA Title I.  Rebecca Bell suggested that staff contact the Nassau County Youth Board.  She also suggested that staff contact local school districts to arrange to speak to graduates.  Mr. McKnight described a new outreach campaign being implemented by HempsteadWorks staff to visit affiliate service organizations.  Mr. Kenny described efforts to co-enroll WIA Title I-B participants with participants of Job Corps and the Education and Assistance Corporation programs.

9.      New Business


At Dr. Dibble’s request, Abraham Sabbas summarized the information disseminated at the “Summit on Creating a Human Capital Advantage for New York.”  Dr. Dibble suggested that the Council might develop a local strategic planning conference.  The members agreed to pursue this initiative.


10.            Adjournment


A motion for adjournment was offered by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Ms. Amaya and adopted.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 P.M.