I.   Introduction


This solicitation of proposals is being conducted by the Town of Hempstead Department of

Occupational Resources (DOOR) on behalf of the Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment

Board as the Grant Subrecipient/Fiscal Agent for the Town of Hempstead/City of Long Beach

Workforce Investment Area under WIA. DOOR is requesting proposals from qualified

organizations to provide One-Stop Vendor Services.


Contractual agreements negotiated pursuant to this RFP will be open ended, with options for

renewal at the discretion of the Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board (WIB).  The

contract period may be extended or reduced at the option of the WIB.  Services funded under the

Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) (Public Law 105-220) will be governed by WIA Title I,

and subject to the Final Rule, published in the Congressional Federal Register (20 CFR Part 652)

on August 11, 2000.  Applicants are also encouraged to propose augmenting "non-WIA" services,

which are to be funded through cash and in-kind contributions. Additional services may be funded

under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Welfare-to-Work Block Grant Program.  Costs incurred in

the delivery of all services pursuant to this RFP will be allocated in accordance with Office of

Management and Budget (OMB) Circular Number A-87, and all other applicable OMB Circulars. 


II.  Background


The Town of Hempstead City of Long Beach Workforce Investment System is entitled



The mission of the system is to:


¨      ensure that skilled workers are available to employers;

¨      help jobseekers find work;

¨      foster economic development.


HempsteadWorks is a certified “Workforce New York,” One-Stop system of the New York State

Department of Labor.  This system has been designed to provide customers with workforce

investment services through a single point of entry, which is available from multiple points of

access.  The One-Stop partners of the system integrate their resources electronically and also

through co-location of staff within career center franchises.  Electronic integration is accomplished

through a wide area network (WAN) computer system and also through the Internet.  The official

Web site of the system is:



Co-location of staff is accomplished by teams comprised of individuals from a variety of

independent organizations.  These individuals adhere to common standards and reporting formats

contained in the “HempsteadWorks Quality Assurance Program (HWQAP).


III.                  Purpose


The purpose of this solicitation is to enrich the services of the HempsteadWorks System.


IV. Services To Be Performed


The services to be provided in connection with this RFP include the core, intensive and training

services for adults and dislocated workers listed in the WIA statute under Chapter 5, Section 134

(d), the youth activities listed in the WIA statute in Chapter 4, Section 129, and the administrative

services listed in Section 667.220 of the Final Rule.


V.  Qualification Criteria


Proposals will be accepted from applicants with demonstrated effectiveness, who are interested in

and capable of providing the services described.  In selecting proposals, proper consideration will

be afforded to community-based organizations and educational institutions.  Preference will be

given to applicants who offer to provide WIA services on an “in-kind” basis or through a specific

non-WIA funding stream. Awardees must agree to execute a contract with DOOR and participate in



In order to be considered, the applicant's organization must be incorporated and have successfully

provided workforce investment services funded by federal or state legislation for a minimum of five



VI.   Narrative Requirements


Applicants must submit a narrative arranged to respond to the following criteria: 


1.      Nature of applicant's business or organization, including whether the organization is governmental, public or private, non-profit or for profit;

2.      Evidence that the applicant has adequate financial resources, or the ability to obtain them, to perform the proposed services;

3.      Applicant's record of integrity, business ethics, and fiscal accountability;

4.      Evidence that the applicant possesses the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, as well technical skills to perform the work;

5.      Applicant's ability to meet project design specifications at a reasonable cost, as well as the ability to meet performance goals;

6.      A description of how the applicant's organization will co-locate staff, on a full-time or part-time basis, at the HempsteadWorks Full Service Center in Hempstead and/or at a participating affiliate site to function in an integrated system, where issues of different funding streams, categorical funding reporting requirements, etc. are not visible to the customer;

7.      A description of any WIA services which the applicant proposes to perform as an “in-kind” contribution through a non-WIA funding stream;

8.      A description of the applicant's capability and commitment to market and provide services through the system’s Web site;

9.      A resume or summary of the qualifications of the staff person(s)to be assigned to perform the services proposed;

10.  Documentation of the applicant’s commitment to participate in the HWQAP;

11.  Data related to outcomes in past performance of One-Stop Vendor Services;


VII.  Budget


To be considered, proposals must include a Budget, which includes the following information:


1.      The aggregate price for the proposed services

2.      A line item breakdown of each element of the aggregate price for cost price analysis purposes;

3.      An itemization of WIA funds requested as reimbursement for WIA services, along with a summary of the proposed services;

4.      An itemization of non-WIA funds offered on a cash or in-kind basis to support WIA services to be conducted through co-location, or through electronic linkages to the HempsteadWorks System;

5.      If the applicant's organization is classified as "non-profit", then the Budget must include sufficient documentat