December 11, 2003


Members Present


Carl Calo, New York State Education Department Vocational Educational Services

                         for Individuals With Disabilities (VESID)

Don Capozzo, National Council On The Aging, Inc. (NCOA)

Ana-Maria Hurtado, Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR)

Alexander Jacobs, VESID

Rosanne Maraia, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) Division of  

                            Employment Services (DoES)

Martin G. Murphy, New York State Education Department Long Island Staff    

                                Development Consortium (WIA Title Network)


Others Present


Todd Goldfarb, Second Deputy Commissioner, DOOR

Edward Kenny, DOOR

Jeff Martin, NYSDOL Workforce Development and Training Division

George Mueller, George Mueller and Company

Abraham Sabbas, DOOR


1.      Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was convened at 2:00 P.M. by Rosanne Maraia.  The members of the team introduced themselves and the organizations that they represent.


2.      Review of Minutes


The members reviewed the minutes from the meeting of June 26, 2003.  A motion to approve the minutes was offered by Martin Murphy, seconded by Ana-Maria Hurtado and approved unanimously by the Team.


3.      Swipe Card System Implementation Update


The members were informed by Edward Kenny that the concerns they expressed at the last meeting regarding duplicate entries and designation of affiliate sites have been discussed in detail with the NYSDOL Workforce Division in Albany.  As a result of those discussions, we now understand that data collected from the HempsteadWorks One-Stop System will only be officially accepted into the NYSDOL One-Stop Operating System (OSOS) Pending File if it originates from a local One-Stop Center or affiliate site that meets the chartering criteria established by the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB).  The criteria established by the WIB must include the physical characteristics required for Workforce New York Certification, including those contained in the Workforce New York Secret Shopper Report Format.


Mr. Kenny explained that NYSDOL would not accept data from centers and affiliate sites that are not chartered by the local WIB.  The partners agreed that logistical barriers bar certain sites from meeting the designation criteria.  Therefore, these sites will not be chartered.  They agreed that computers should be retrieved and the wide area network connections should be disconnected at non-chartered sites, unless the computers are being used for HempsteadWorks System services.  The partners also agreed that there is no need to collect data from non-chartered sites, since that data cannot be reported to the OSOS Pending File. The partners also reached consensus that all partner facilities, within the Hempstead Executive Plaza, that perform work for the HempsteadWorks System will be considered as part of the HempsteadWorks Career Center.


4.      Revised Affiliate Site Chartering Criteria


The partners reviewed the Draft Revised Affiliate Site Chartering Criteria, including the secret shopper requirements.  Rosanne Maraia asked that the term “common application” be removed from the document.  With that amendment the partners agreed to formally adopt it as the criteria for chartering HempsteadWorks centers and/or affiliate sites.


5.      Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Years 3, 4 and 5


The partners reviewed the Draft MOU boilerplate for Program Years 2002, 2003 and 2004.  Mr. Kenny indicated that the form had undergone only minor changes from that which was agreed upon for the prior program years.  The Affiliate Site Chartering Criteria and the Business Services Process Map are new additions to the document.  The consensus was to approve the document, with the understanding that a Resource Sharing Agreement would have to be agreed upon before the MOU can be finalized.


6.      New Business


The partners reviewed and discussed a marketing packet distributed by the NYSDOL.  The packet contains a proposed new Workforce New York campaign and logo.


7.      Adjournment


A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Ms. Maraia, seconded by Ms. Hurtado and approved by the Team.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 P.M.