DECEMBER 11, 2003



Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was called to order at 12:15 P.M.  Due to the absence of the Chairperson, Rosanne Maraia, WIB Recording Secretary welcomed the attendees.  Everyone present introduced themselves.




Review of Minutes


On a motion offered by Henry Graber and seconded by Martin Murphy, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved.




Items for Information




Grant Development


Ms. Maraia indicated that the Board actively works to develop grants to enhance the HempsteadWorks System.  Edward Kenny provided a PowerPoint Presentation to report on the status of our grant development efforts.  A description of each grant project was provided, including the Workforce Investment Act Statewide Strategic Planning for a Human Capital Advantage Grant.  Mr. Kenny described how the WIB’s Workforce Workgroup had met in August to develop the grant application.  The grant is funded in the amount of $100,000 and will support the following activities: scanning, convening facilitating, providing and evaluating strategic planning.  The project will be developed through a “concentric circle” model, through which it will be shared with a progressively larger audience.  Ms. Maraia indicated that today’s meeting will begin that process with a “scanning” presentation by Gary Huth, the New York State Department of Labor Regional Labor Market Specialist for the New York State Department of Labor.  Ms. Maraia asked for clarification of those grants that include the Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR) as the “grant recipient” as opposed to a “contractor.”  Mr. Kenny explained that for certain grants, DOOR is the grant recipient/fiscal agent, while for others DOOR contracts with the grantee.





Customized Training Initiatives


Eugenia Ghartey, of Goodwill Industries, who is our Business Services Liaison, provided a Powerpoint Presentation to update the WIB on the customized training activities conducted since our last meeting.  Her presentation focused on the Leadership Training Program being conducted at Winthrop University Hospital, in conjunction with Hofstra University.  Gary Huth, Labor Market Analyst for the New York State Department of Labor commented that this project was a good way for the WIB to market its business services.  He suggested that the project be replicated with a sliding scale for reimbursement.




Continuous Improvement Award Process


The Board’s Continuous Improvement Award Workgroup has created a process for the distribution of our Continuous Improvement Award.  Hermine Weisman of the New York State Department of Labor, who participated on the Workgroup, summarized the award process.  She distributed Award application packets to all of the attendees.  The application is also available on line at www.hempsteadworks.com.




Items for Action




One-Stop Recertification


In order to request Recertification of the Hempstead System under the Workforce New York logo, our Board must first recertify the System on a local basis.  Ms. Maraia described the Recertification Application that was submitted to the WIB by the HempsteadWorks One-Stop Operator.  She described the required process and the contents of the application using a PowerPoint presentation.  The Affiliate Site Criteria, Secret Shopper requirements and Business Services Team were each discussed in detail.  A motion was offered by Henry Graber for the WIB to re-certify the HempsteadWorks One-Stop Operator for two (2) years.  The motion was seconded by Patrick Payne and accepted by the membership.




Training Proposal Review


Ms. Maraia indicated that Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan Chairperson of the Training Committee, could not attend the meeting.  Ana-Maria Hurtado described the process conducted to review the training proposals that were submitted in response to the WIB’s Request For Proposals.  She summarized the recommendations of the Proposal Review Subcommittee, which included the list of courses recommended for approval.  Included in the summary was an overview of the proposal submitted for One-Stop Vendor Services by Circulo de la Hispandad.  The Subcommittee also recommended that the Circulo proposal be approved.  A motion was offered by Vilma Osbourne to approve the proposals recommended by the Subcommittee.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Graber and adopted by the WIB.




Items for Discussion




Strategic Planning for a Human Capital Advantage


Gary Huth, Labor Market Analyst for the New York State Department of Labor, presented scanning data related to the grant.  He facilitated a dialogue among the business members in attendance.  His presentation included PowerPoint slides, which depicted where the most job openings exist on Long Island, the imbalance between decreased birth rates and increased job growth and skill shortages.  Mr. Huth described the “Mobile Business Services Presentation” that will be created pursuant the grant.  Future growth sectors of the economy identified by Mr. Huth include research and development, nanotechnology, information and wireless technology, and biosciences.  Small businesses dominate the business growth on the Island.  Recruitment of skilled workers remains a key challenge to business growth and development.  Mr. Huth indicated that staff of the Long Island WIBs are working to eventually create a user-friendly and transparent skills bank for businesses. 


Mr. Huth’s presentation materials listed the largest businesses on Long Island as follows:


1)      North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

2)      Catholic Health Services of Long Island

3)      J.P. Morgan Chase

4)      Waldbaum’s

5)      Cablevision

6)      Winthrop-South Nassau Health System

7)      Verizon

8)      The Home Depot

9)      Federated Department Stores

10)  Keyspan




New Business


Ms. Hurtado indicated that William Duffy and Diana-Marie King of the Operating Engineers had resigned from the WIB.