Workforce Workgroup Meeting Minutes April 21,2004


Town of Hempstead

Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Workgroup


Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

April 21, 2004


Members Present


Donald Capozzo, National Council On The Aging, Inc.

Ana-Maria Hurtado, Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR)

Gary Huth, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL), Division of

                    Research and Statistics

Patricia Malone, Stony Brook University

Todd Morena, Drake Beam Morin, Inc.

Alan Nachman, Diversified Micro Systems, Inc. (WIB Vice Chair)


Others Present


Eugenia Ghartey, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey

Todd Goldfarb DOOR

Edward Kenny, DOOR

Joann Lukas Von Stein, DOOR

Marsha Lynch, CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

Sandy Rubin, DOOR

Abraham Sabbas, DOOR


I.            Review of Minutes


The meeting was convened at 9:15 P.M. by Mr. Nachman, WIB Vice Chairperson.  The attendees were welcomed and asked to introduce themselves.  A motion to accept the minutes of the meeting of August 13 2003 was offered by Mr. Morena, seconded by Mr. Huth and accepted by the members.


II.        CVS Pharmacy, Inc. – Strategic Planning Initiatives


Mr. Nachman explained that our dialogue today with CVS was the second in a series of business services presentations that are being conducted by the WIB in accordance with its Strategic Planning for a Human Capital Advantage Grant.  Mr. Kenny provided a brief report on the progress of the Grant Project.  Marsha Lynch, Regional Manager for Government Programs, CVS Pharmacies provided a PowerPoint presentation describing the strategic planning activities, related to the workforce, being conducted at her organization.  She described how CVS is driving workforce development issues through multi-level public and private partnerships.  CVS is primarily a health care organization, with the pharmacy segment of the business growing much faster than the retail sector.  The CVS Career Path, which maps career ladders within the organization, was discussed at length.  The company maintains a detailed record of the organizations from which it recruits its employees.  Ms. Lynch discussed a variety of the company’s human resources policies and its training programs.  The training includes “LearnNet,” an e-learning system.


III.            Mapping Career Ladders


Patricia Malone, Director of Corporate Training Programs, Stony Brook University, provided a PowerPoint presentation on the Mapping Career Ladders Grant that was recently awarded to the Stony Brook Research Foundation (SBRF).  The grant was awarded through a two-tiered procurement process in which career mapping consultants were selected as part of a pool, which would compete for subsequent awards, based upon requests submitted by local areas.  The Town of Hempstead WIB submitted a request on behalf of the Long Island Region for career mapping related to the aerospace and defense industry.  Ms. Malone indicated that SBRF and the Aerospace and Defense Diversification Alliance in Peacetime Transition, Inc. (ADDAPT) had been selected to perform the career mapping services.  She indicated that SBRF would work with the larger or “prime” organizations, such as EDO, Northrop Grumman, etc., while ADDAPT would work with the smaller subcontractors.  Based upon the career maps created by the consultants, the local WIBs plan to conduct appropriate strategic planning for workforce preparation initiatives.  The members agreed that at some point the WIB should request career mapping services for the health care industry.


VI.       Health Care Forum Follow-Up


Feedback from the Health Care Forum conducted on March 1, 2004, was discussed.  Also discussed were the results of the health care workforce survey.  The members agreed to respond to the survey results by convening a meeting of local educational agency superintendents, counselors and coordinators and the representatives of local health care organizations.  The purpose of the session would be to facilitate a dialogue among health care organizations and educators, related to preparing students for the health care workplace. It was agreed that Greg Newton of Greg Newton Associates would facilitate the session.




A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Mr. Capozzo, seconded by Ms. Malone and adopted.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 A.M.