WIB Meeting Minutes Hofstra University Club June 17, 2004




JUNE 17, 2004




Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was called to order at 12:05 P.M.  Due to the absence of the Chairperson, Alan Nachman, Vice Chairperson, welcomed the attendees.  Everyone present introduced themselves.




Review of Minutes


On a motion offered by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and seconded by Mr. Graber, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved.




Items for Information




Monitoring Report


A report of the monitoring activities conducted by the Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR) on behalf of the WIB was distributed to the members.  Mr. Kenny summarized the report and indicated that no major discrepancies were reported during the 2003 Program Year.



Subcommittee Reports


Meeting minutes from the following subcommittees were distributed: Workforce Workgroup; Youth Council; Whatever It Takes (WIT) Strategic Planning Team.  Mr. Nachman explained that meeting minutes for each subcommittee had been mailed to the members prior to the meeting.  He asked if any of the members had any questions or comments regarding the activities of the subcommittees.  None were offered.



Items for Discussion




New Business


Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan announced that the National Council On The Aging will be conducting a Job Fair at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on September 11, 2004.  She indicated that her organization was seeking corporate sponsors for the event.  Ms. Hurtado explained that the members had received a copy of the revised WIB By-Laws in the mail prior to the meeting.  Ms. Maraia asked for an explanation of the term limits and publicity requirements.  Ms. Hurtado explained that the term limits had been extended and the compliance with the publicity requirements were made to be more general.  On a motion offered by Mr. Graber and seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan, the revised By-Laws were approved.




Items for Action




Requests For Proposals for Youth Services


Dr. Dibble reported the activities of the Youth Council.  He reported that the Council had passed motions approving the following:


a)      Out-of-School Youth Request For Proposals (RFP)

b)      In-School Youth Service Provider Proposals

c)      In-School Youth Curriculum


On behalf of the Council, Dr. Dibble recommended that each of these items be approved by the WIB.  On a motion offered by Ms. Maraia and seconded by Mr. Goldstein, each item was approved.



Awards Presentation


Recipients of the WIB Biennial Continuous Improvement Award were in attendance.  Mr. Kenny indicated that this initiative was implemented to recognize individuals and organizations that had helped HempsteadWorks to: improve its services, enhance its performance, increase its efficiency, fulfill its mission and achieve its vision.  Other purposes were: to raise awareness among businesses, jobseekers, and the community of the critical role played by the WIB and the HempsteadWorks System in the local economy, to create a web-based initiative to market the brand and image of HempsteadWorks, to increase the number of business and jobseeker customers using the System, to increase the involvement in the System by WIB members, and to increase the level of collaboration among System partners.


The awards were presented as follows:


Ø      Business – South Nassau Communities Hospital (presented by Mr. Nachman)

Ø      Jobseeker – Paul Jamal II (presented by Dr. Dibble)

Ø      Honorable Mention – John Gill (presented by Mr. Goldstein)






A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Mr. Goldstein, seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and adopted by the WIB.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 P.M.