Meeting Minutes July 2004


Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board

WIT Strategic Planning Team

Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

July 8, 2004


Carl Calo, Chairperson, VESID

Aurora Berman, HempsteadWorks

Peggy Christman, Abilities, Inc.

Todd Goldfarb, HempsteadWorks

Grace Guerrero New York State Department of Labor

Ana-Maria Hurtado, HempsteadWorks

Edward Kenny, HempsteadWorks

Joann Lukas Von Stein, HempsteadWorks

Yvonne Morrissey, HempsteadWorks

Susan Quinn, Abilities, Inc.

Karen Richter, Abilities, Inc.

Abraham Sabbas, HempsteadWorks

Judy Young, Abilities, Inc.

I. Welcome and Introductions

Carl Calo, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 10:15 A.M. The attendees introduced themselves.

II. Review of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

III. WIT Project Update

Judy Young indicated that Abilities was in the process of preparing their contractor budget for Year Three of the Customized Employment Grant funding period. She explained that the focus of the project would move toward “sustainability” in the third year. Karen Richter indicated that the project has served 83 individuals, of whom 14 have exited with employment and 25 have exited for other reasons. 45 individuals are currently active. She also indicated that a survey of One-Stop staff had been conducted to assess their “disability awareness.” Training will be planned based upon the survey results. Discussion ensued regarding co-enrollment with VESID and the Workforce Investment Act Title I-B Programs. Phase II of the Job Hunt Club is to begin on August 5, 2004.

IV. Disability Program Navigator (DPN) Progress Report

Peggy Christman informed the attendees that she was leaving the DPN position, effective July 15, 2004, to accept another position. She described an on-line training opportunity for staff, entitled At Your Service. In her role as DPN, Ms. Christman has identified opportunities for improved housing for individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment. She has also established coordination with the Diocese of Rockville Centre and the Long Island Children’s and Family Services Association.

V. Disabilities Awareness Survey

The results of the survey were distributed to the attendees. Ms. Richter will develop a calendar to schedule the required training.

VI. Training Session – August 17, 2004

A Customized Employment training session, facilitated by Michael Callahan, will be conducted on August 17, 2004 at the Smeal Center in Albertson.

VII. Grant Expenditures/Budget Modification

The Team reviewed the fiscal expenditures and obligations to date that have been incurred under Years One and Two of the Customized Employment Grant. Edward Kenny explained the deadline for expenditure of Year One funds is September 30, 2004. Based upon this deadline, the last date for Abilities, Inc. to submit claims for reimbursement of Year One contractor services is August 6, 2004. Mr. Kenny indicated that the Department of Occupational Resources, as the Fiscal Agent and Grant Recipient, will send official correspondence to the contractor to confirm that DOOR must be notified of any unexpended funds for Year One by June 30, 2004. DOOR will submit a formal Budget Modification request to the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy to transfer any unexpended funds that are currently allocated to the contractor to the Fiscal Agent/Grant Recipient Budget. Mr. Kenny also explained that the corresponding deadlines have been established for Year Two, as well. The deadline for Year Expenditures must be made by June 30, 2005. Claims for this period must be made May 6, 2005. The contractor must notify DOOR of any unexpended funds by March 31, 2005.

VIII. New Business

Several members of the Team acknowledged the leadership and positive contributions of Lois Benjamin, who recently retired as VESID Regional Manager, in her tenure as Chairperson. Mr. Kenny suggested that based upon the high customer satisfaction ratings and other successes of the WIT Project, a PowerPoint presentation should be designed to summarize these outcomes. Ms. Young suggested that the issue of sustainability should be a priority for the Team in the immediate future.

The next meeting was tentatively scheduled to be convened on Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at 10:00 A.M. in the HempsteadWorks Career Center.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

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