WIB 12/13/07 meeting minutes


Town of Hempstead
Workforce Investment Board
Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

December 13, 2007

1. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was convened by Mark Goldstein, President of MG Productions and Corresponding Secretary, at 9:40 A.M.  The attendees introduced themselves.
2. Review of Minutes

After a motion to approve the minutes was offered by Roslyn Goldmacher and seconded by LaVonne Erskine, the minutes were approved.
 Items for Information
3. HempsteadWorks Orientation Film Presentation

Mr. Goldstein explained that as result of new policies issued by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL), our Career Center is serving a greatly increased number of customers.  This is occurring at a time when our funding is being decreased.  In an effort to create a more efficient orientation process, we have worked with BigBuzz, our web provider, to create an orientation on film.  Mr. Goldstein explained that this film will be presented during our orientation meetings, at rapid response meetings and other outreach sessions.  It will also be posted to our web site as part of our efforts to establish more virtual services.  The members then viewed the film.  Aurora Farrington described a similar film created by VESID and explained that she had found it necessary to have a staff person facilitate it when it was presented to customers.  Ana-Maria Hurtado explained that the film would be facilitated in the various venues where it is presented.




4. One-Stop Center Staff Presentations

Mr. Goldstein stated that because of the nature of the responsibilities of the board, we are required to devote much of our time to administrative issues.  He explained that this portion of the agenda was intended to share some of the services provided by the operations that the board oversees.  The first presentation was made by Jim Jiran who described the welcoming, orientation and initial core services provided at the HempsteadWorks Career Center.  He indicated that New York State Unemployment Insurance recipients are contacted by mail and provided with appointments, while other customers walk-in for services.  All customers are registered in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program and are provided with an orientation.  They also are provided with a variety of job search services, including access to the Internet, computers, workshops, etc.

Henry Graber asked if staff were adequately deployed to respond to walk-ins.  Ms. Hurtado explained that staff were assigned to serve these individuals. Edward Kenny indicated that the number of customers served has effectively tripled over last year’s levels, while WIA funding is projected to decrease by twenty percent (20%) in the next Program Year.  He explained that we are responding to these circumstances with new initiatives, such as the orientation film, and we are planning to develop more “virtual” services.

Myesha Arvon described the HempsteadWorks Youth Program.  She indicated that the program serves economically disadvantaged youth who face barriers to employment.  Some of the youth are in high school, while others have either graduated or dropped out.  In-school youth are served by a coordinator from the various school districts.  This group participates in a Summer Employment Program that provides them with Work Experience Training, Basic Skills Remediation and Job Readiness Training.  They receive counseling and case management services during the school year.  Out-of-school youth are served by two vendors, The Paxen Group, Inc. and the Education and Assistance Corporation.  These individuals participate in Job Readiness Training, Basic Education, GED Preparation, Occupational Skills Training, when appropriate, and Job Search Assistance.





Barbara Brady described our Career Workshop Series.  She indicated that the following five (5) basic workshops are offered:

 Resumes – Guide on how to create a resume or how to improve the one you have
 Interviewing Skills – How to prepare for the difficult questions employers are asking
 Job Search Correspondence – How to write a cover letter and follow-up letters
 Internet for the Job Seeker – Web sites where you may find job leads
 Salary Negotiating – Guide on how to be realistic, yet prepared for discussing salary

Another workshop may be developed concerning how to use e-mail and also how to create an e-mail address.

Yvonne Morrissey described Intensive Services.  She indicated that customers are referred to Intensive Services for Core Services when they express a desire for training services.  Intensive Services include an assessment of the skills of job seekers in the context of current labor market information.  She indicated that customers meet one-on-one with career counselors who determine their eligibility for Training Services, based upon their status as either Adults who need to achieve Self-Sufficiency or as Dislocated Workers.  This individualized approach assists in matching their needs to Training Services available through WIA and non-WIA resources.
WIA enrollments require customers to visit potential training providers and require the One-Stop Operator to complete specific paperwork.

Aurora Berman described the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF Employment Program.  She explained that the program was operated by HempsteadWorks under a contract with the Nassau County Department of Social Services (NCDSS).  The contract was awarded to HempsteadWorks through a competitive request for proposals process.  As a vendor to NCDSS, HempsteadWorks provides Comprehensive and Educational Assessment Services to TANF recipients.  We utilize the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to measure math and reading skills and the Standardized Assessment and Group Evaluation (SAGE) system to identify vocational interests and aptitudes.  Based upon assessment results, our career counselors work with each customer to formulate a strategy for possible education and training services.  Prior to completing the assessment process, customers are referred to the Federation of Education and Guidance Services (FEGS), which arranges Work Experience Project (WEP) assignments.  These assignments are made in consideration of the customer’s interests, aptitudes and previous employment.  HempsteadWorks also provides post-employment counseling to ensure job retention.
To date, we have served approximately seventy (70) TANF recipients. Fifty percent (50%) of these individuals have either obtained employment, or are participating in Work Readiness activities.  At the last monthly vendors meeting, NCDSS congratulated their vendors for an increase in work activity participation rate, which had doubled from that rate achieved in the previous month.
5. Old/New Business

Jack Guy asked for clarification regarding how information concerning Unemployment Insurance Benefits is disseminated when major layoffs occur, such as that which occurred at Photocircuits, Inc.  Abraham Sabbas described the Early Intervention/Rapid Response process, including planning meetings with management, information sessions with employees, on-site services and follow-up.  Ms. Goldmacher asked if HempsteadWorks had served any employees from American Home Mortgage.  Ms. Hurtado indicated that a mailing was conducted to affected individuals, in cooperation with NYSDOL, through which American Home Mortgage employees were invited to attended special workshops and participate in comprehensive services at our Career Center.  In addition, NYSDOL, in cooperation with the Long Island local One-Stop Operators, conducted a job fair specifically for the American Home Mortgage workers.

The members reviewed Quarterly Newsletter for the Third Quarter of 2007 of the Aerospace and defense Diversification Alliance in Peacetime Transition, Inc. (ADDAPT), which contained an article entitled “HempsteadWorks Career Center – A Place to Recruit New Workers.”  Mr. Kenny explained that ADDAPT had participated in a variety of projects with HempsteadWorks, including a Mapping Career Ladders in Aerospace Grant.  He indicated that the article promoted the Employer Presentation process at the Career Center.  Mr. Sabbas described how the process works.  Ms. Goldmacher offers to publish information about HempsteadWorks in her organization’s Newsletter.  She then provided the members with a brief description of the Greater New York Development Corporation (GNYDC).

6. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 A.M.

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