WIB Meeting Minutes – 9/23/10


            Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board

Meeting Minutes

HempsteadWorks Career Center

September 23, 2010


             I.      Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was convened at 9:30 A.M.  Mark Goldstein, Corresponding Secretary, welcomed the attendees and asked them to introduce themselves.  Mr. Goldstein announced that the Economic Development Presentation would be moved ahead of the review of minutes to enable Andrea Lohneiss to make the presentation and then to leave in time to attend another meeting.


          II.      Economic Development Presentation


Mr. Goldstein stated that economic development is critical to the success of our

workforce development efforts.  He informed the board that today they would have an

opportunity to learn about the latest economic development initiatives from Andrea

Lohneiss, Regional Director, Empire State Development (ESD).  Ms. Lohneiss explained

that her office works with businesses to enhance their capacity to create jobs.  Some

initiatives foster capital investments, without job creation, in order to achieve greater

operating efficiency.  She described how ESD collaborates with the New York State

Department of Labor under its Layoff Aversion Program, as part of the rapid response

process related to layoffs and downsizings.  Mark Grossman confirmed that the

organizations are effectively cooperating to implement the program.  Ms. Lohneiss

described the programs available through ESD for small businesses, including loans and

advocacy.  Included in her presentation was a summary of the Small Business Revolving

Loan Fund.  Ms. Lohneiss indicated that the Excelsior Jobs Program has replaced the

former Empire Zone Program.  The Excelsior Program is a targeted program, focusing

on the growth and expansion of the high-tech and clean energy jobs of tomorrow, while

also supporting the manufacturing sector that is so important to our economy.  Ms.

Lohneiss also described recent initiatives on Long Island pertaining to emerging industry

clusters.  In addition, she described recent ESD success stories, such as the retention of

Canon on Long Island, along with OSI Pharmaceuticals, through its acquisition by

Astellas Pharma, Inc.


       III.      Review of Minutes


A motion to approve the minutes was offered by Roslyn Goldmacher, seconded by Mr. Grossman, and approved by the members. 



        IV.      Labor Market Information Presentation


Mr. Goldstein explained that HempsteadWorks and the Workforce Investment Board utilize labor market information to plan new initiatives, select training providers, and inform businesses and jobseekers.  He stated that at today’s meeting we are joined by our most reliable source of that information, Gary Huth, Principal Economist, New York State Department of Labor Division of Research and Statistics.  Mr. Huth prefaced his remarks by congratulating Ana-Maria Hurtado on her recent receipt of a national award.  He compared the effects of the current recession on Long Island versus the one which occurred in the year 1993.  The unemployment rate peaked in 1993 at 8.3%, while the highest rate in the current recession was 7.9%.  Mr. Huth explained that it took the Island six years to recover from the prior recession.  Based upon this comparison, the case can be made from a statistical perspective that the current recession is not as severe as the former, although Mr. Huth acknowledged that many individuals have suffered from the impact of the most recent economic downturn.  In August of 2010, 1,111 jobs were added on Long Island.  The emergence of new technology is providing the greatest opportunities for economic growth at this time, according to Mr. Huth.  He described the following ten emerging areas of technology as those that are exhibiting the most growth:


Ø      Mobile Phones

Ø      Cloud Computing

Ø      Solar Fuel

Ø      Engineering of Stem Cells

Ø      Nanotechnology

Ø      Life Sciences

Ø      Advanced Manufacturing

Ø      Information Technology

Ø      Health Care

Ø      Energy Technology/Conservation


Mr. Huth provided a conceptual framework for understanding how to orient workers to the modern economy.  He stated that the terms “white collar and “blue collar” are irrelevant in the twenty-first century, as are the terms “entrepreneurial” versus “non-entrepreneurial, and “services’ versus “non-services.”  He stated that the modern worker cannot manage their career without being entrepreneurial.  The green movement, he continued, is not only for “tree huggers” because manufacturing is becoming “clean, green and lean.”  He stated that green is a form of modernization.  He explained that the green industry opportunities are emerging as those that:


Ø      Did not exist before now;

Ø      Existed, but now require skill upgrades

Ø      Are connected with new products




Mr. Huth discussed the importance of developing and maintaining a transparent labor market information system that provides knowledge of both the skill demands of employers and the supply of skills available through the workforce.  He indicated that the Regional Innovation Grant has established a plan to enhance this type of transparency.  Edward Kenny described the recommendation in the plan to utilize Competency-Based Models to map occupational skills.  Mr. Huth informed the attendees that the New York State Department of Labor was awarded Labor Market Information Grant by the U.S. Department of Labor.  Under this grant, surveys will be conducted by Stony Brook University to identify opportunities in the green industry.  He observed that it will be important to determine which segment will lead the economy in the manner that Wall Street once did.  Mr. Huth described the transformation of our national economy from being led by the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) cluster, to the Information, Culture and Education (ICE) cluster. 


           V.      Old Business/New Business


Mr. Goldstein congratulated Ana-Maria Hurtado for receiving the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals 2010 Thomas Ahlers Systems Building Award.  He indicated that a letter was mailed to each member with a web link containing more information about the award.  Ms. Hurtado announced that HempsteadWorks has been designated as a testing site for the National Work readiness Credential.  She also informed the members that the annual regional meetings of the Long Island WIBs would be convened on October 14, 2010 at 8:30 A.M. at Molloy College in Farmingdale.  She advised that an invitation would be mailed in the near future.  Roslyn Goldmacher asked if HempsteadWorks was working with the Association for the Help of Retarded Children (AHRC) under the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) Project.  Joann Lukas Von Stein explained that AHRC was invited to participate.  Ms. Goldmacher also asked that the WIB members receive advance notice of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) activities.


        VI.      Adjournment


A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Mr. Goldstein, seconded by Mr. Graber and adopted by the Board.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 A.M.