Workforce Investment Board Meeting Minutes Hofstra University




Hofstra University Club

October 25, 2001


 The meeting was convened at 12:25 P.M by Ann Steinger, Chairperson, who welcomed and thanked everyone and asked the attendees to introduce themselves and state the name of the organizations that they represent.


The minutes of the June 27, 2001 were reviewed and a motion was made by Mark Goldstein to accept them, seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and approved by the membership.


Commissioner Boone commended the board on its progress and personally thanked Ann Steinger for her tireless efforts on behalf of the WIB.


Items of Information

The membership reviewed the One-Stop partner team meeting minutes of September 24, 2001 and in particular the disaster assistance update.


Mr. Nachman, President of Diversified Micro Systems, Inc presented a profile of his business and then, gave a report of the WIB chair meeting conducted on October 4, 2001 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY.  Mr. Kenny spoke about the MOU process.  Mr. Payne inquired about the WIA funding and Mr. Kenny responded by mentioning the rescissions and the perspective of the USDOL in addressing skills gaps, shortages, a customer approach to business services and serving the job seekers.


Jack Guy inquired about the emergency funding for New York City due to the WTC tragedy.  Is it for all residents?  Lois Benjamin mentioned about the $5 million emergency funding of which 4.2M is for VESID to serve disabled individuals effected by the WTC incident providing job placement and training services.  1.8 m is in the form of a block grant.  Mr. Kenny suggested that this information be published on the web page as a system service.


Items for Action


The One-Stop system operator certification was discussed and a video entitled Workforce NY was viewed which includes an integrated marketing system campaign.  Ann Steinger requested a motion to approve this certification application.  Mark Goldstein made the motion.  It was seconded by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan and approved by the membership.  An extension of the duration of the current memoranda of understanding was requested in order to complete the certification.  A motion to grant the extension was made by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan, seconded by Ms. King and approved by the membership.




To assist companies to train incumbent workers lacking the necessary skills to be competitive, it was proposed to raise the self-sufficiency policy from 12.01/hr. to 26.01/hr.  This will enable the health care system to upgrade their labor force.  A motion to raise the rate to 26.01/hr was made by Mark Goldstein and seconded by Lois Benjamin and approved by the attendees.


A motion was made by Mr. Nachman, seconded by Elvira and adopted by the membership to revise the By-Laws of the WIB specifically 3A-“members are subject to termination for failure to attend three consecutively scheduled WIB meetings” should be amended to reflect five consecutively scheduled meetings.  Also, 3B to be amended to indicate the following: “For any business requiring a vote of the membership, members as well as designees present may be considered, and said designee is permitted to vote for the member.”  Also, G1, to increase the members of the Executive Committee to five (5).  The officers shall be the WIB Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.


A request for applications for promising practices was received by the WIB and ideas were requested for submission.  Mr. Payne inquired about some of the previous practices that were exemplary.  Mr. Kenny responded about the quality assurance and the summer youth programs.  Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan suggested submitting a best practice for human capital.


New Business


Ms. King asked about advertising for the system and she referred to the Town of Oyster Bay’s marketing campaign. Mr. Gill responded by discussing anticipated advertising spots.  Ms. Conzatti offered the marketing resources of Nassau Community College, including film production and support from the marketing faculty. Ms. King suggested that an advertising video of the system be offered through the library system.  Mr. Kenny discussed the issue of image and brand building.  Mr. Gill mentioned about the planned change in the web site to reflect the changes from Universal Resources to HempsteadWorks.  He emphasized the importance of the consistency of the message.


Stephen Salhus thanked the attendees for inviting him to this meeting and talked about the business services team.  In regards to the WTC tragedy, Mr. Salhus said that his office sent 400 letters of which they received 20 calls indicating some interest for services.  He mentioned that his office is planning for a L.I. Job Fair possible in November or January.


Ann Steinger asked for a moment of silence for the WTC victims, and “stated may they rest in peace.”  Ms. King made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:30 seconded by Mr. Nachman and approved by the membership.