WIB Meeting Minutes





March 21, 2002


The meeting was convened at 12:20 P.M. by Ann Steinger, Chairperson, who welcomed everyone and asked the attendees to introduce themselves and identify the organizations that they represent.

The minutes of the October 25, 2001 meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Henry Graber to accept them, seconded by Diana-Marie King and unanimously approved by the members.

Items of Information

Grant Development – Edward Kenny mentioned about a 25% anticipated budget cut and discussed the grant development activity on behalf of the WIB specifically, the RFP for assessing Local Skills Shortages Grant Phase II. He encouraged the WIB business members to get involved in this endeavor. Rosanne Maraia suggested that the committee include members from the business community and that they take an active role. Henry Graber volunteered to join the committee. In response to skills businesses want, Mr. Kenny presenting a sectoral training model as a reference to addressing industry skills shortages.

Youth Council Initiatives – Lois Benjamin announced that Dr. Richard Dibble of NYIT was approved by the WIB to chair the Youth Council. She read the mission statement and slogan adopted by the council at its last meeting. Annie Williams complimented the LWIB for its performance outcomes especially on being one of seven promising practices noted in NYSDOL’S annual report.

One-Stop Partner Team Initiatives

Lois Benjamin mentioned that the One-Stop System is now referred to as HempsteadWorks to reflect more accurately the services provided to job seekers and businesses and to be consistent with NYSDOL’s Workforce NY marketing plan. Also, the initial orientation is now referred to an Information Exchange Session.

Items for Action

Training Proposals – Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan reported about the Training subcommittee’s meeting and reviewed the RFPs for skills training. She discussed the proposal for customized training for incumbent workers at South Nassau Communities Hospital, as well as the proposals submitted for Individual Training Account for Adults and Classroom Training for youth. A motion was made by Henry Graber to approve this proposal, seconded by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan and passed by the membership. Rosanne Maraia explained the customized training review process and asked the Board to appoint the grant subrecipient as the approval entity. Henry Graber asked for some parameters to this authorization. Mr. Kenny responded by saying that the WIA Title I grant subrecipient is governed by guidelines for customized training. Louise Rotchford asked how Nassau Community College can benefit from this process, since they are already involved with businesses providing training? Rosanne Maraia responded that we all work together through a partnership network. Rosanne Maraia made a motion to adopt this new authorization process, seconded by Diana King and approved by the attendees.


New Business

Edward Kenny mentioned the article in the Campus Times spotlighting the 2001 Summer Youth Program as a learning initiative partnership.

Henry Graber again inquired about publicity. Ana-Maria Hurtado responded by sharing the system’s efforts in mailings, association contacts, the web site and marketing efforts through Workforce NY.

Martin Murphy, Title II representative, announced that a new telephone number has been established for the public to access education and literacy issues. He also suggested that HempsteadWorks should consider having a direct link. The number is 1-866-Adult ED.

Joseph Kennedy suggested that the LWIB contact Keyspan in order to include a blurb of the system’s services for public information purposes.

Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan announced that Maturity Works Job Fair 2002 is scheduled for September 25, 2002 at the Huntington Hilton.

Henry Graber made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:10 P.M., seconded by Ana-Maria Hurtado and agreed by the membership.