Town Of Hempstead Youth Council Meeting Minutes - June 11, 2002




June 11, 2002

Members Present:

Rosa Amaya, Parent

Edmond Anderson, Glenmont Job Corps Center

Richard E. Dibble, Ph.D., Director, Center for Industrial and Labor Relations, School of

Management, New York Institute of Technology

Paul Jamal II, Participant

Alan Nachman, President, Diversified Microsystems, Inc.

Others Present:

Carl Calo, Assistant Regional Manager, New York State Education Department

Vocational Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Edward Kenny, Planner, Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources


Terry McKnight, Youth Services Coordinator, DOOR

Annie Williams, State Representative, New York State Department of Labor

Welcome and Introductions

The meeting began at 9:15 A.M. The members introduced themselves and described their respective organizations.

Review of Minutes

The meeting minutes from February 27, 2002 were distributed and reviewed. On a motion made by Mr. Anderson and seconded by Ms. Amaya, the minutes were accepted by the Council.

Funding/Grant Development

The members received an explanation of the following items from Mr. Kenny:

  • New York State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB) Emerging Worker Subcommittee Meeting Minutes of May 16, 2002;
  • Workforce Investment Act Program Year 2001 and 2002 Youth Program Allocation Comparison (the Hempstead/Long Beach Local Workforce Investment Area allocation has been reduced 16.1 percent from that of the prior year);
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Summer Youth Employment Allocation (the Hempstead/Long Beach allocation has been reduced 7.0 percent. Despite the reductions in funding, enrollment levels will not be reduced in the 2002 Program Year);
  • Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Project Matrix (describes grant development activities undertaken by the WIB, including the WIB staff and One-Stop Partner organizations to fully integrate the One-Stop system);
  • Congratulatory letter from Margaret M. Moree, Director, Workforce Development and Training, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) on the certification of HempsteadWorks as a Workforce New York Certified One-Stop System Operator;
  • Congratulatory letter from Linda Angelo, Commissioner, NYSDOL on the award of two Promising Practices grants in the amount of $37,500 for HempsteadWorks Quality Assurance and Program (HWQAP) and $25,000 for the HempsteadWorks for Youth Initiative (HWFYI);
  • Press release from Governor Pataki announcing the award of a Youth Incentive Grant in the amount of $279,750 to Long Island Works Coalition (HempsteadWorks is a partner to the grant).

Youth Services Procurement

Mr. McKnight presented the Youth Services Proposals for WIA and TANF. He also explained the payment benchmarks contained in the RFP for Youth Services. On a motion from Mr. Anderson and seconded by Mr. Nachman, the Council voted that the proposals be recommended to the WIB for funding.

Academic and Occupational Learning Curriculum

Mr. Kenny described the proposal for an Academic and Occupational Learning Curriculum received from The Paxen Group, Inc. On a motion from Mr. Anderson and seconded by Mr. Nachman, the Council voted that the proposal by recommended to the WIB for funding.

New Business

Dr. Dibble informed the Council of the work of the Assessment of Local Skills Shortages Phase II Workgroup. He indicated that the meetings of the group were very productive and will hopefully lead to an effective solution to skills shortages in the health care industry. Mr. Jamal expressed his pleasure to be part of the group. He indicated that often people in the community do not realize what goes on behind the scenes to create quality services. He stated that his participation on the Council afforded him the opportunity to see how those services are developed.

7. Adjournment

A motion for adjournment was offered by Mr. Nachman and seconded by Ms. Amaya and adopted. The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 A.M.