OCTOBER 3, 2002

Members Present

Dr. William Atkins, Nassau Community College
Edmond Anderson, Glenmont Job Corps Center
Lois Benjamin, New York State Education Department Vocational Educational Services
                         for Individuals With Disabilities (VESID)
LaVonne Erskine, Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County (EOC)
Ana-Maria Hurtado, Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR)
Rosanne Maraia, New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) Division of Employment Services (DoES)
Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan, National Council On The Aging, Inc. (NCOA)
Martin G. Murphy, New York State Education Department Long Island Staff Development Consortium (WIA Title Network)
Sondra Townsend-Browne, EOC

Others Present

Donald Beasley, DOOR
Todd Goldfarb, DOOR
Edward Kenny, DOOR
Abraham Sabbas, DOOR
Scott Surkis, DOOR
Annie Williams, NYSDOL Workforce Development and Training Division

1. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was convened at 11:15 A.M.  The members of the team introduced themselves and the organizations that they represent.  Ana-Maria Hurtado welcomed the attendees and introduced Todd Goldfarb, Second Deputy Commissioner of DOOR.

2. Review of Minutes

The members reviewed the minutes from the meeting of December 13, 2001.  A motion to approve the minutes was offered by Sondra Townsend-Browne, seconded by Dr. William Atkins and approved unanimously by the Team.

3. Grant Development

The WIB Project Matrix for Program Year 2002 was reviewed by the members.  Edward Kenny described the grants included on the matrix, including the H1-B Visa Grant.  He explained that funding to train American workers is accessed through fees paid to the federal government by employers who hire foreign nationals under H1-B Visas.


4. Marketing

Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan described how the Marketing Workgroup developed the HempsteadWorks literature.  The group worked with BigBuzz, the designer and host of the system's web site.  BigBuzz developed collateral material based upon input from the group and the existing web image and brand format.

5. Equal Opportunity Employment Information

A summary of a pre-monitoring visit that was conducted by Robert Taylor, Affirmative Action Administrator IV, NYSDOL Division of Equal Opportunity Development, was presented by Mr. Kenny.  Donald Beasley was introduced as the Town of Hempstead/City of Long Beach Workforce Investment Act Title I Equal Opportunity Officer.  Mr. Beasley reviewed the Equal Opportunity, Complaint Processing and American's with Disabilities Act compliance information that has been disseminated to the One-Stop partner organizations.  He also indicated that Mr. Taylor intends to conduct a formal monitoring visit in the near future.  Mr. Beasley will be conducting training for the partner organizations in the coming months.

6. Resource Matrix

A copy of the Hempstead/Long Beach One-Stop Resource Sharing Matrix was provided to each member.  Mr. Kenny requested that the members update the information that pertains to their organizations and return the updated matrix to him no later than October 17, 2002.  Dr. Atkins described the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Tracking Requirements that will take effect on January 30, 2003 concerning foreign-born students and their families.  Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan suggested that an INS representative attend a future meeting of the One-Stop partners to explain the new requirements.

7. Memorandum of Understanding

The members discussed the options for renewing the Year 1 MOU for Year 2 and for negotiating a new agreement for Year 3.  Mr. Kenny provided a timeline describing local, state and federal actions related to the development of the MOU for Years 2 and 3.  He explained that according to the NYSDOL policy, regardless of whether the Year 1 MOU is extended or a new MOU is executed for Year 2, the Year 1 Resource Sharing Agreement (RSA) must be revised.

8. Resource Sharing Agreement

The proposed RSA for Year Two was presented to the members and described by Mr. Kenny.  He explained the reconciliation process that would allow for over-funded partners to be reimbursed by under-funded partners on a partner-to-partner basis.  He emphasized that such contributions must be properly documented.  The partners agreed to provide any revisions to their contributions to the system by October 17, 2002.

9. Reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act

The members reviewed the New York State Principles for Reauthorization that was developed by the WIB Staff Workgroup convened by the NYSDOL Workforce Development and Training Division.  Each partner agreed to forward any comments related to this document to Mr. Kenny by October 17, 2002.

10. Rising Star Project

The members discussed the Rising Star Community Prosecution Enhancement Grant, which is administered by the Nassau County District Attorney.  HempsteadWorks and DOOR have been asked to become a member of the Rising Star Consortium.  On behalf of HempsteadWorks, DOOR staff have informed the District Attorney's Office that it would assign a career counselor to assist customers referred by Rising Star and to represent the system at appropriate meetings.  In addition, Rising Star customers may utilize the HempsteadWorks center to the extent available to all other customers.  The members agreed to offer any further feedback by October 10, 2002.

11. New Business

Rosanne Maraia recommended that the partners complete work on the Year 2 MOU as quickly as possible so that they can also agree on the Year 3 MOU.

12. Adjournment

Ms. Benjamin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Maraia and approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 P.M.