WIB Meeting Minutes Hofstra University Club



Hofstra University Club

June 27, 2001




The meeting was convened at 12:15 P.M by Ann Steinger, Chairperson, who welcomed everyone and asked the attendees to introduce themselves and state the organizations that they represent. The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and Henry Graber made a motion to accept them, which was seconded by William Atkins, and approved by the members.

On behalf of Commissioner Boone, Ana Maria Hurtado welcomed everyone and wished the attendees a productive meeting.

Mark Goldstein presented a business profile of MG Productions. He discussed some of the projects that his company is presently involved with. He talked about a book series entitled "DROPAS" by Scott Etters, which targets young adult readers.

Diane Cahill, Director of the Long Island Federation of Labor Workforce Development Center, discussed the training services provided by her organization for union and non-union members. Rosanne Maraia explained how the Workforce Development Center can augment and support the One-Stop System. Funding for this training comes from the Governor’s WIA Statewide discretionary funds. Henry Graber inquired as to why this training is only for union members and if this service is a duplication of other services. Jack Guy described how the STRAP funding provides training for incumbent workers and new hirees, whether union or non-union members. He further mentioned that his agency looks for a 1 for 1 match for employee training. Henry Graber asked again how the public is made aware of these wonderful services. Jack Guy responded by sharing the advertising done by his office. Rosanne Maraia also spoke about marketing the system’s services to the public and suggested that he join the Business Services Team.

Edward Kenny discussed the modification to the comprehensive five-year plan, which reflects a 15.7% reduction in WIA Title I formula funding. He also mentioned the proposed Congressional rescission of WIA Title I funds that could result 37% cut for WIA for the new fiscal year in New York State. Mr. Kenny also explained the certification process for the One-Stop System. A motion to accept the modification and the certification process was made by William Atkins, seconded by Rosanne Maraia, and approved by the members.

A proposal summary for summer youth services including the summer curriculum proposed by the Paxen Group, Inc. was presented by Elvira Lovaglio-Duncan. The proposal was reviewed and a motion was made by William Atkins to approve it, seconded by Mark Goldstein and approved by the members.




A proposal by Big Buzz for Internet consulting services was also presented by Ms. Lovaglio-Duncan, which includes hosting the site, web page programming and maintaining the E-mail account was approved by the attendees. William Atkins made a motion to accept this proposal and it was seconded by Matthew Dwyer and approved by the members.

Ann Steinger suggested that the WIB contact Glenn Spiritis in order to recommend business members. Dr. William Atkins publicly commended Abraham Sabbas for his tireless efforts and hard work in building a workforce investment system in conjunction with Nassau Community College.

The next WIB meeting is scheduled for October 4, 2001. William Atkins made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:30, seconded by Matthew Dwyer and approved by the members.