RFP: Academic and Occupational Learning Curriculum for Youth








On behalf of the Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and the Town of Hempstead Youth Council, the Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR), as the Grant Subrecipient/Fiscal Agent for the Town of Hempstead/City of Long Beach Workforce Investment Area under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) and as the Grant Recipient under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Summer Program, is soliciting proposals for an Academic and Occupational Learning curriculum for economically disadvantaged youth participating in the Town of Hempstead/City of Long Beach Workforce Investment Area's Youth Program. The period of performance is July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. This period may be extended based upon program needs.

The purpose of this RFP is to procure a curriculum that will enhance the ability of local WIA/TANF Youth Programs to provide the services listed below in accordance with each participant’s Individual Service Strategy (ISS):

  1. Preparation for postsecondary educational opportunities, in appropriate cases;
  2. Strong linkages between academic and occupational learning;
  3. Preparation for unsubsidized employment opportunities, in appropriate cases; and
  4. Effective connections to intermediaries with strong links to the job market and employers.

Academic and Occupational Learning in the context of this solicitation is defined as an educational activity which provides leadership development opportunities, positive social behavior development opportunities, work readiness training, remedial education in mathematics, reading and writing, and where appropriate, broader based education in other disciplines, such as science and history, in the functional context of a work-based learning activity.

To be considered, all proposals must include a formal curriculum, instructor guides, text which includes the items identified under curriculum requirements, standardized pre and post test instruments for reading and mathematics levels, sample workbooks if applicable, and any additional training aids and materials. Proposals must include the catalogue price of these programs. Any costs which are not derived from catalogue prices, which exceed catalogue prices, or which can be broken down into separate components, must be identified in a line item budget.


The curriculum requirements are:

  1. A twelve-month program that includes a summer component with a minimum of 48 hours of classroom instruction. The program must provide remediation in mathematics and reading, tailored to both in-school and out-of-school youth, who are economically disadvantaged, age 14 to 21, who are functioning at the fourth through the post high school grade levels. The remedial portion of the curriculum must be easily adaptable to a work-based learning environment, which integrates classroom instruction into the functional context of work experience, internship, job shadowing and mentoring programs.
  2. Instruction in the "Foundation Skills" identified by the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), including Basic Skills, Thinking Skills, and Personal Qualities.
  3. Instruction in the "SCANS Competencies," including Resources, Interpersonal, Information, System and Technology.
  4. Instruction related to work readiness and leadership development opportunities.

Leadership development opportunities are opportunities that encourage responsibility, employability and other positive social behaviors, as indicated in Section 664.420 of the WIA Rules and

Regulations, published in the Federal Register/Vol./ 65, No. 156/Friday, August 11, 2000.

Positive social behaviors are outcomes of leadership opportunities, often referred to as soft skills.

Positive social behavior development opportunities may focus on the areas indicated in Section

664.430 of the WIA Rules and Regulations.

Completed proposals must be received by the Department of Occupational Resources no later than 4:30 P.M. April 4, 2003. Proposals must also include a description of the respondent's demonstrated effectiveness in preparing the program material described. Proposals received after that date will be considered only for good cause shown. Proposal submissions should be in sealed envelopes and addressed to:

Clinton C. Boone


Town of Hempstead

Department of Occupational Resources

Hempstead Executive Plaza

50 Clinton Street, Suite 400

Hempstead, New York 11550

Attn: Planning Team

Applicants are advised that changes in the Town of Hempstead Workforce Investment Area's system, in terms of content and funding level, may be required prior to or during the term of its operations due to new or revised legislation. This request for proposals does not commit the WIB, the Youth Council or DOOR to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request, or to procure or contract for services or supplies. The Department reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate with all qualified sources, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this RFP if it is in the best interests of the Department to do so.

Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to Edward Kenny, by writing to the above address or to ekenny@hempsteadworks.com, or by calling (516) 485 - 5000, extension 1148.